Dartford Library

Dartford Library is located in the heart of Dartford, next to the park and in the town centre. It was originally opened on 1st January 1916 by A. W. Smale, who was Chairman of the Dartford Urban District Council at the time and W. A. Ward, who was Chairman of the Library Committee.

The first people to browse Dartford Library were World War I soldiers, who were recovering from wounds in nearby military hospitals.

1937 saw an extension to the library, over what was once the Dartford tin works. The library features a cupola dome, which was used as an air raid watchpost during the Second World War.

The library also features Dartford Museum, which has a range of fantastic historical pieces relating to the story of Dartford.

Dartford Library welcomes everyone to browse through its extensive sections, including the children's library and local history library, as well as various other rooms.

The library offers a focal point for the community, offering space for people to meet and work together.

With Dartford Festival happening once a year right on the libraries doorstop, Market Street has a lot to offer.